Feral cats

are the forgotten felines-- the throwaways and castoffs of uncaring humans.
They deserve caretaking just
as much as the kitties who live
with us; they are often victims of abandonment, accidental loss, and
failure by owners to fix their pets.


Our Adoptable Cats

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TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return)

Trap, Neuter, Return

Reduces Homeless Cat Over population
The Humane Approach to Feral (Outdoor) Cat Control and Proven Method to Reduce the Number of Homeless Cats




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Thank you for visiting Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary’s website! Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary is a complex and unique organization. Clipped Ear focuses its efforts on Trap Neuter Return (TNR). TNR is a common practice among cat rescues. We trap stray kitties, have them spayed/neutered/vetted, and typically return them to their location. However, as with any situation where homeless animals are concerned, there are problems with TNR. One issue is that we often run into adoptable animals who deserve a home. We also run across animals too old, too sick, or who are in immediate danger at their present location.

Clipped Ear works with other rescue groups like A Smart Animal Rescue Team, Inc., Adopt A Cat, Inc, and Purr Paws Rescue to provide adoptable kitties an avenue to be adopted into permanent, loving homes. We pay for their spay/neuter, vaccines, worming, FIV/FeLuk Combo Testing, and any other medical need. Once a kitty is ready for adoption, we transfer it to one of our partner NO KILL organizations for adoption.

Clipped Ear is the home to approximately 50 kitties in need of permanent sanctuary. These animals either have a medical condition which prevents their release back into their colony or could not be relocated due to safety issues. We provide shelter, water, food, and necessary medical care for these animals.

New animals are accepted with donation for care.

CECS is currently at maximum capacity. We are sorry, but we are not currently accepting new animals.

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